USA, de centro-derecha

Parece claro que una mayoría de estadounidenses se consideran conservadores. Interesa leer el artículo de booker rising sobre la opinión que tienen otros países sobre USA en cuanto a su posición ideológica.

By global standards, the U.S. is easily one of the rightist countries on the planet.You’d be hard-pressed to find political party akin to the Republican Party that has ruled a country of at least moderate size…and done so more than a couple of times. Even the Democratic Party would be considered center-right by many countries’ standards. That’s because America – with its strong libertarian streak – values individual freedom, capitalism and entrepreneurship, and less government interference in our lives more than the overwhelming majority of countries that are either (1) are ruled by despots; and/or (2) have a long history of royal rule that remains a cultural influence. Despite being a center-left nation, France is currently ruled by a center-right president and coalition (which would be considered a moderate or moderate-conservative max by U.S. standards) so there are times when folks prevail against the national ideological mood.

¿Quién sigue diciendo por aquí que Obama es de izquierdas?